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0% Processing Fees! Keep up to 100% of your POS revenue with Netevia Pay Cash Discount Program!
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You don't have to pay to accept credit cards!

The customer pays the processing fee instead of you, and they don't mind it. Instead, put that money back into growing your business.


Netevia was founded to provide a transparent, reliable & affordable merchant processing solution to business of all sizes. We strive to help your business keep your hard earned revenue in your pockets by providing a zero fee processing platform.

Our goal is to keep you in business for the long run. We also pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service and treating each and every client as part of the Netevia Pay family. Get started

Benefits of Cash Discount Program:

Keep up to 100% of Your Sales Revenue
​$0 Statement Fees
​Fast Approval
​Instant Funding
Never pay for processing fees
​$0 Annual Fees
​No Long Term Contracts
Fully Compliant

How does Netevia Pay works?

A small service fee gets added to every card sale
At the end of the day, when you batch out, we collect that fee
If the customer pays with cash, that fee gets discounted
Allowing you as the business owner to keep 100% of your revenue

The #1 Preferred POS For

People love NETEVIA PAY POS with 0% processing fees
1 week ago
Amazing customer support that actually answers my questions on the sprot. That is an absolute necessity! Thank you!
Brook Fein
2 week ago
The system is very reliable and the customer service is excellent. Please keep up the good work!
Paola Torres
3 week ago
We use this software in our restaurant. Really like it! Works great!
James T.

0% Processing is Now Available on Clover POS

Bye-bye fees
The customer pays a small service fee to use a credit card and receives a cash discount of the same amount for paying cash.
A Bigger Slice
You as the business owner collect these fees and at the end of the day when your funds are batched out, the service fees go to the processor and you keep 100% of sales proceeds.
Signs of the Times!
This is the #1 preferred option in these pandemic times by retailers and restaurants across the nation . Customers don't mind it, so you should not have to pay to accept their credit cards.

Full Dining & Online Ordering Experience on Clover POS

Full Dining Experience
Get the world's most reliable restaurant POS that gives you what you need in these challenging times: online ordering, contactless payments, and a wide variety of apps of every need.
3rd Party Order & Delivery Integration
Seamlessly integrate with your POS all of your favorite 3rd party delivery services like Uber, Eats, GrubHub, and more.
Free Clover Online Ordering
A fully integrated online ordering experience in which your customers order directly from the website that we create for you, or directly from Clover app. Online ordering for pickup takes seconds to set up, and syncs in real time.

Full Retail, Online and Services Payment Processing

Clover Station
We're taking smart terminals to a new level, making it easy to offer rewards, capture information, ensure order accuracy, and accept payments with the fastest and most reliable payment card reader that accepts just about every mobile payment type.
Clover Mini
The Mini can fit into any space, building on-the-go, and packs plenty of POS power to run your business. With all of the capabilities of the full Clover Station available to you. Use it just for payments or to run your whole business from inventory to payroll.
Clover Flex
This all-in-one mobile device offers built-in capabilities to accept all types of payments with the fastest card reader on the market, conduct business, and track sales all from the palm of your hand, anytime and anywhere.

Streamline Payments

All the ways they want to pay
Contactless and mobile. Gift card or check. Credit or debit. Digital wallet including Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Split the bill
Split it the way your guests desire: by guest, item, or custom amount. No limitations, no conditions, no hassle.
Take payments worry-free
WiFi down? No worries. Flex and Mini have LTE built in, so your business is always on.

Compatible With

Barcode Scanner
Weight Scale
Kitchen Printer
Display System

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    Got questions? We're ready to help you find the answer
    How much are the fees in comparison to others?
    NeteviaPay is phenomenal when it comes to credit card processing fees! With NeteviaPay, we offer transparent low rates that always beat the competition, and never ever have any additional or any hidden fees! Our merchants’ #1 preferred processing option is our 0% Processing Cash Discount Program. With this program you have absolutely zero transaction fees to worry about. Everything is taken care of by us, and your happy customers. The customer pays it instead of the business. The way this program works is very simple: throughout the day you accept credit cards as a form of payment, the customer pays a small service fee to use a credit card and the business collects the fee. If the customer pays in cash, they receive a Cash Discount of the same amount of the fee. At the end of the day, when the funds are batched out and sent to your bank, the service fees that you collected gets separated and sent to the processor. This is how NeteviaPay earns revenue on the payment processing. And you as the business owner keep 100% of your sale proceeds. That is how you pay zero processing fees. Customers have shown throughout the entire USA, in every single state, that they don't mind paying the service fee, so why pay your own processing fees? We recommend this program because it works, and because it helps.
    If I start scaling my business fast, will I have any holds?
    Nope. Your funds will not be held if your business scales quickly. The main goal is for your business to scale and grow quickly and continuously. and for life. If there are extremely large transactions in comparison to your average transactions, these transactions are subject to be reviewed, before being fully deposited into your account.
    We do this to ensure you and your customers are safely taking and giving payments.
    How much will I be able to process?
    There is no maximum amount to process. Here at NeteviaPay, we do our best to help our merchant family grow and expand with no restrictions. We do have a minimum processing amount of $5.00 per month. If you close down your business for remodeling, or for some other temporary reason, let us know and we can remove this.
    I've heard other well known processory hold peoples' funds without warning or good reason. Will than happen to me?
    We do not hold funds without warning or without good detailed reason. If we see various extremely large transactions within a short time frame, these transactions will be subject for review, to ensure the safety of your account, and your customers’ account. We would not want your customers’ to feel unsafe with your business, and we want to make sure that all payments given and taken are legit and not scams.
    Do you have real customer support?
    Yes! We offer customer processing support as well as technical support. Here is the number: (833) 291-5449. Extension 1 for sales and extension 2 for customer processing support.
    Who handles your underwriting and risk?
    NeteviaPay has our very own underwriting and risk management team. We also work closely with FirstDataBank and use the same guidelines and requirements.